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(About Strip Lashes)How much do you know about magnet eyelashes?

Sep. 15th 2021 1 min read

Background of magnet eyelash:

The rise of magnet eyelashes is due to the simplification of traditional wear . It only needs 3S clock to finish easily, and can be used with magnetic eyeliner(click to choose eyeliner) to make eye decoration and eyelash matching perfect. Magnet eyelash products in Europe and the United States has become a very popular product!

01. All of the magnetic lashes are made from strip lash styles,so first of all, choose what you would like : (click to choose your favorite styles)

02. To fit and hold stable to our own lashes, we usually custom the magnets, there are 3/4/5/6/ 10 amount of magnets on half of a pair. The more magnets we use , the more stable it will be when we wear, but when we use Magnetic eyeliner,usually suggest to add 5 or 6 magnets.

03. Magnetic eyelashes usually need to be packed in boxes with magnet stripe pieces.