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1.WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE FOR GLUES?  Our glues have a six month shelf life from manufacturing date and up to eight weeks once opened. We always recommend adding the date of when you opened it so you always remember when you opened it.

2.WHICH GLUE IS FOR SENSITIVE EYES?  All our glues contain the same active ingredient. If a client has experienced a reaction, the likelihood is now they will always be allergic. You could try using Velvet Adhesive as this contains less of the active ingredient.

3.HOW SHOULD I STORE MY GLUE?  We would always recommend to store your glue in a cupboard out of direct sunlight. You could also store your glue in our airtight container. Some lash techs do store their glue in a box with rice, as rice absorbs any potential moisture in the air.

4.WHICH GLUE IS THE FASTEST?  Our fastest drying glue is Power Bond. This takes 0.5 - 1 second drying time. Recommended humidity: 50-65% Recommended temperature: 64.4 - 71.6°F

5.WHICH GLUE WOULD YOU RECOMMEND FOR BEGINNERS?  We would recommend either Velvet or Lady Bond. We put lady bond glue in our Foundation kits. They both take around 1-3 seconds drying time, which is ideal for beginners who are still developing their technique.

6.WHAT GLUE IS BEST FOR ME?  It would depend on how long you have been a lash tech. Please contact us directly so we can discuss this with you at www.selfelashes.com

7.I NEED A GLUE WITH LOW FUMES, WHICH IS BEST?  Quicker drying adhesives may have stronger fumes compared to slower drying glues. Our glue with lowest flumes is Velvet.

8.DO YOU HAVE A SENSITIVE GLUE?  No, as the main bonding ingredient is cyanoacrylate which is present in all glues. Slower drying glues have less cyanoacrylate but may still cause irritation and allergic reaction. Our adhesive with the smallest cyanoacrylate percentage is Velvet.

9.MY FANS ARE CLOSING, IS MY GLUE TOO SLOW FOR ME?  Review the necessary conditions for your glue. Alternatively, try a faster drying glue. You can also use Booster on the lash strip to prevent the fans from closing.

10.MY GLUE DOESN'T DRY, WHY?  Your room conditions may be affecting the polymerization process of the adhesive. We would suggest trying to increase the humidity in the room for faster adhesive polymerisation. Alternatively, you can use Booster on the lash strip and on natural lashes to increase the speed of polymerization.


Every glue should be shaken for at least 1 minute prior use for the ingredients to mix. Ensure you shake the glue each time you open it and refresh your glue drop.

11.MY GLUE BECAME GLOPPY, WHY?  Ensure your glue is not expired and that it was stored correctly in a cool, dark place, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Ensure that no residue glue in the nozzle has been pushed back into the glue bottle - this may ruin the rest of the glue. Wiping the nozzle with wet wipe will cause glue in the bottle becoming gloppy. Not closing the lid correctly straight after pouring out the drop of glue can cause the glue become gloppy. Glue that has been opened for longer than 8 weeks is prone to becoming gloppy.

12.HOW DO I CLEAN MY GLUE NOZZLE?  Use a small piece of wax strip or our biodegradable glue nozzle wipes to wipe off the glue from the nozzle after every use. Keep the bottle in an upright position and squeeze the bottle gently to get glue residue out of the nozzle. 

13.MY GLUE NOZZLE GOT BLOCKED, WHAT DO I DO?  You can purchase a spare nozzle to replace the blocked nozzle. If the nozzle got stuck to the cap, we recommend trying our Glue Rescue Kit.

14.MY CLIENT HAD AN ALLERGIC REACTION, CAN I DO THEIR LASHES AGAIN?  No, because if they develop an allergic reaction once they are more prone to develop it in the future.


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