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Why magnetic eyeliner can only be black while glue eyeliner can be black, brown and clear, and why glue eyeliner can be made into an eyeliner pencil while magnetic eyeliner can only be dipped with a brush?

Our professional R & D department manager says the glue eyeliner can be made transparent and brown and black ink, but the magnetic eyeliners will be black only and can't be made into eyeliner pen, only used with the eye brush.  we need to use the brush with makeup on the eyes. The glue magic marker, because it is a pure liquid, can be made in the form of a pen and painted directly on the eye.

The reason is that magnetic powder is contained in magnetic liquid eyeliner. If it is made into a eyeliner pen, the liquid cannot come out when it is out of water because of the existence of granular objects such as magnetic powder.

Magnetic eyeliner with brush can not be made to brown and transparent also because the Magnetic particles themselves are black, No matter what color the liquid and magnetic powder mixed together is black.


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