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(About Strip Lashes) How to care about lashes?

Oct. 5th 20211 min read

False eyelashes are delicate but fragile. Therefore, we should pay great attention to:

1). When you take it out of the box, take it out gently with your fingers along the direction of eyelashes; when you take it off the eyelid, hold the middle of the false eyelashes and pull it down quickly. Never pull two or three eyelashes down.

2). The used false eyelashes should be completely cleaned of the glue (click to choose glue) on them and put into the box neatly. Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder and eyelash oil onto false eyelashes, or smear or destroy false eyelashes.

3). Use the eye makeup remover to clean the false eyelashes. Rub the false eyelashes with a cotton pad, starting at the root and then at the front. The action must be light, otherwise it can't be reused.