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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQ about eyelash extensions

1.What is the most dramatic Selfe Lash?  The most dramatic Selfe Lash style is our Mink Collection. We recommend these lashes for the most glamorous and bold looks. 

2.What is the most natural Selfe Lash?  The most natural Selfe Lash style is our Luxury Collection. We recommend this lash for anyone new to wearing lashes or for an everyday look.

3.How many times can i use for one pair?  Nothing is better than finding a pair that completely elevates your look and you never want to take them off. Unfortunately with a lot of other brands, you can rarely get more than single use out of your lashes. Luckily, we changed that trend. Our lashes are handmade which ensures the lifespan as well as overall durability of each pair. They range from 26 up to 32 uses with proper care!

4.How long is the use cycle of eyelash?  While lashes from other vendors can be reused for up to a week, I am proud to guarantee that our lashes can be worn over and over again for a month or more.

5.How should eyelashes be matched with the proper liquid eyeliner?  Magic glue eyeliner match regular lashes. Magnetic eyeliner match magnetic lashes

6.How should I refer to the length of each pair of eyelashes?  We have a professional length-sheet of all SELFE LASHES. You can check any of SELFE LASHES’ length through that list, including inner length, middle length, outer length, and band length. Contact us to get length sheet of lashes.  http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=8615224355556

7.What is the best line spacing of strip lashes?  Line spacing of the lashes band is 1-1.2mm. it is the most perfect line space for professional lashes invention. Too narrow or too wide is not good.

8.You can do matte or glitter lashes?  We can do both matte and glossy lashes. If you like more luster lashes, i recommend glossy visual effect. If you prefer darker and extremely black lashes, i recommend matte visual effect. Usually, different raw material will also present different levels of gloss.

9.What kind of makeup removers should i use?  We can provide different kind of makeup removers, such as cleansing water, makeup removing lotion, cleansing oil, cleansing cream, lash shampoo and etc. Among them, we most recommend the use of makeup remover cream, because the cream is the strongest cleaning effect, is the most commonly used, and not easy to enter the eyes.


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