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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQ about eyelash extensions

1.WHAT ARE EYELASHES MADE FROM?  All lashes are made from synthetic material so are completely cruelty free and hypoallergenic, they are soft and lovely to work with.

2.WHAT ARE THE BEST EYELASH EXTESIONS TO BUY?  The best lashes for you will depend a little bit on you preferences and the look you are hoping to achieve, but in quite general terms our best selling classics are: 0.12, 0.15 and 0.18

For Volume sets, our 0.05, 0.06 and 0.07 are well loved! Or if you're after those super fine lashes for mega volume looks we have 0.03 and 0.04.Almost all lashes are available in Mixed and Single Lengths trays, so that you can either try out a bit of everything, or get all of the lengths you love best and use the most. We have a few different curls on offer, but the best sellers are C, CC and D curls across all ranges.

3.WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM THICKNESS YOU WOULD RECOMMEND TO CREATE FANS?  The heavier the lash used to create the fan could cause damage to the clients natural lash. We would suggest using lashes 0.07 or lower depending on the fan, whether it is 2D or 6D. If you are creating 2D - 3D fans 0.07 would be ideal. If you are creating 5D - 6D fans possibly use 0.03 thickness.

4.WHAT LASHES AND TWEEZERS ARE BEST FOR VOLUME?  It is the lash techs personal preference.  We also sell easy fanning lashes so the strips are mixed lengths, allowing you to create a more wispy effect for your client. For tweezers we recommend either our Volume Tweezers or Fine Tip Volume tweezers.

5. IS IT SAFE TO APPLY LASHES TO PREGNANT CLIENTS?  This is something which is down to the individual salon/lash technician/client - but basically it’s a bit of a risk as in the event of an allergic reaction, the client wouldn’t be able to have any medicine to reduce this. 


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