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<About strip lashes> What may cause me allergic when using lashes, eyeliner or glue?

Jul. 19th 20122 min read

Our eyelashes are made of the highest quality raw materials in the market. We have a strict quality inspection team, and professional technicians will check whether they are qualified during the production process and before delivery. The liquid eyeliner is also scientifically and strictly certified.If there is irritation or redness after use, it is generally due to the following reasons:

1. If your skin is too sensitive, it is not recommended to use magnet eyelashes and magnetic liquid eyeliner, because your sensitive skin is prone to allergic reaction to metal substances. You can use common glue and regular eyelashes.

2. In the process of applying liquid eyeliner accidentally get into the eyes, resulting in the reaction of human tissue fluid and cause discomfort.

3. When removing makeup, makeup remover gets into your eyes and causes discomfort.