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.<About strip lashes> In the New Year, what style of eyelashes should be used on different occasions?

Jun. 22nd 20163 min read

Alright sis, it’s a new year and if that New Year’s Eve kiss didn’t go quite as planned, you might still be single. But that’s okay! You’ve got the year ahead of you to figure out just how you want your love life to go. Are you looking to find the one? Flirt with anything with a pulse? Take a vow of celibacy? Whatever you decide, we know the lashes you need to wear.

Settle Down
You’re ready to hang it all up and commit to a cutie. You’re hoping for a meet-cute where you reach for the same coffee order or he asks your opinion on a piece of produce. It’ll just snowball from there until you’re sharing a Costco membership and finishing each other’s sandwiches. It’s gonna be beautiful. And since you can settle comfortably in the folds of your new relationship, you don’t have to do THE MOST anymore. Wear our Lite Mink Opulence lash for your everyday or special Date Night lashes. The wispy wide finish isn’t too full or dramatic but adds that hint of glam you crave.

Play the Field
You’re in the prime of your life! Why would you change that by settling down?? There are just too many cuties, too little time. But you’re putting in the work and trying your best to meet alllll of them. Good for you, that’s a lot of free dinners. You’ll want a fluttery flare lash to bat your eyes at all the potential suitors. This unique criss cross pattern of the fine hairs is perfect for just that! It creates a natural blend with your natural lashes making it a go to lash style for those who want to be noticed - but not too dramatic.

Focus on ME
2021 was all about trying to find someone to complete you, but the 2020 energy? You don’t need anybody but yourself. You’ve got more important things to focus on, like your career and spiritual growth, than some crusty nobody. That’s just facts, sis. So even though you’re plugging away and grinding to improve yourself, you still want to look kind of cute. For yourself of course. An easy swipe of our Magic eyeliner will give you that coveted Selfe Lashes look in a simple bottle. Still glam, but not looking for any outside validation.